Airese: An afternoon in Megamall

So Airese told me she and her bros are going to this year’s Ozine Fest, which was held in SM Megamall.

Since she lives in the province, I rarely see her, if at all. So, naturally, I tagged along. And so far, Airese and I have shot during all but one time we’ve seen each other.

More photos after the cut~!

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Dian Vera Serranilla: A Decade And Eight

Last night, I witnessed an event that will most definitely stick in my head for a while. Though we treat each other as cousins, Dian Serranilla is actually my mom’s cousin.

Yes. I am here to talk (though not much) about her night, and to share photos from that night.

Held last night, March 28, 2017, in SM MOA Arena, was the very first debut to be held in the 25,000-seater arena. A thousand guests, a dozen performances, and more than a handful of really, really tall stories to tell.

Let’s hear it.

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Dana Novales

Four years ago, I shot this wonderful woman named Lara Novales (SEE HERE). We’ve been very good friends since then.

A few hours ago, I just finished a shoot with Lara’s little sister, Dana.

Okay. I’d have to say that ONE, I definitely could NOT get enough of her, and TWO, I because of that, I want to get another chance at shooting her again.

Yes. I was terrified at the idea, but she seemed to roll with it just fine, so I guess I find it both terrifying and terrific at the same time? lol

Also, she’s adorable as fuck.

More photos after the cut!

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Suzette Hamilton

Okay, I know that I said I rarely change my rhythm whenever I shoot a different muse. I know that was 3 days ago. But I did it again, this time.

Meet Suzette Hamilton. She’s half-Brit, and also a classmate of Pam and Janna (yes, my previous muse).

Unsurprisingly, she has had experience modeling in various shoots, go-sees, and VTRs. She definitely knew what she was doing, and accurately followed direction to the T.

Likewise, after the park, we went back home and I think the porch is now a studio.

More photos after the cut~!

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Janna Rivo

Rare comes a time wherein I’d have to change my rhythm when it comes to shooting muses. Looks like I have much to learn, after all.

Meet Janna Rivo. She’s 16, and is Pam’s (my niece’s) classmate. Yes. I have a 16-year-old niece. I am old. Wow.

ANYWAY, she’s also from Parañaque, and so we decided to try out for an afternoon full of laughs, giggles, and lots and lots of shots.

We started out in the park. And, as always, there were plenty of places and/or angles I have not tried as of yet, so here we go!

After the park, when it got dark, we went back to the house, which was like, almost next to the park. I got out the not-so-very-portable studio flash set, and the results were just simply amazing.

More after the cut! Enjoy!

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