Afternoons with Lara

Photography is my passion. It is one of my primary outlets (aside from writing and walking around aimlessly) and doing it relieves me.

I started the week wonderfully well with a couple of shoots with a good friend of mine, Lara Novales. She’s actually one of the most comfortable people to shoot with, if not the most.

First, we shot last monday, which began at around dusk. We went to the park and basically just derped around the playground.


We ended with an extensive kwentuhan session paired up with some shots in the dark, and then some.


Yesterday was quite different. We shot with another photographer, Bear Sorondo. His shots were quite flattering compared to mine, and the way he handles his shoots are as flawless and seamless as one would expect from any other professional photographer.


I was graced by such wonderful results from yesterday’s shoot, all thanks to Bear’s additional lighting option and to Lara’s very spontaneous actions during the shoot, including, but not limited to, climbing a wall, playing on a swing, and defying gravity.

P1390411 P1390316

So yeah! More to come, hopefully!

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3 thoughts on “Afternoons with Lara

  1. Reblogged this on Thinspirational Journey and commented:
    My good friend blogged about our 2 day photoshoot and I feel so delighted to be called spontaneous and the mention of my gravity deying acts and ninja moves really puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like Im an actual AWESOME person! So better check his blogpost.


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