20 Things About Me

So I’ve been tagged by close to forty (40) people regarding this 20 random facts thingy…

(01) Photography? Yeah, I could do that all day long, all week long, and I wouldn’t tire out. Trust me, I’ve tried.

(02) I love to write, but most times, I don’t really know what to write… unless thoroughly and effectively motivated.

(03) … I think that also applies to my work ethics, and yes, it sucks.

(04) I’m atheist… at least I think and believe I am. Every religious belief and/or superstition is just one big fairy tale to me. See me do that sign of the cross? Yeah. Faking it, and probably doing it for the sake of family and pakikisama. Likewise, I only go to church when (1) I get dragged, or (2) because of family, or in some cases, (3) to impress a girl.

(05) I’m a critical thinker, or (again) at least I think and believe I am. Everything and anything that happens MUST have a valid (and sometimes scientific) explanation, lest I ignore it until I get the proof I’m looking for

(06) I’m very outspoken. I’m (sometimes overly) critical of what’s going on around me. I will not hesitate to speak if I feel that there’s something wrong.

(07) … likewise, whenever I do something wrong, I’m usually oblivious about it and end up having been told multiple times and still stubbornly do it again, because being oblivious is my oblivion… ish.

(08) I can have crushes and possibly even fall for absolutely anyone who interests me. Anyone I think is interesting for one thing or another would be pelted by my affectionate attention. Yes.

(09) I have more female friends than male friends. Females (generally) are more mature, can hold a sensible conversation longer, are more entertaining, and are more fun to talk with than with fellow males.

(10) I’m extremely affectionate (in tagalog MALAMBING). Okay fine, sometimes I have my malandi moments, but I digress. I can make you feel like the most loved person in the world, even for little to nothing in return.

(11) I don’t really care about whatever the hell I post online. True story.

(12) I curse like a sailor… wait. No. I curse MORE THAN a sailor who just stepped on a rusty nail while being set on fire on a deserted island in the middle of a pool of bloodthirsty sharks armed with lasers.

(13) Yes. I’m very imaginative. I could imagine the most inhumane demise that could ever befall anyone. I have physically, physiologically, and chemically sound theories and schematics hidden in multiple notebooks from way back when I was small. Yes. Inventions, if you may. Combustion theories, machines that create more energy than they consume, and many more.

(14) Oh yeah. I love purple… and pink. I wanted my room painted either lilac or bubblegum pink but I was told those were “girly” colors, so they painted my room blue, instead. Historically speaking, blue is girlier than pink, btw.

(15) I have the weirdest dream cars. I want a Cadillac V6 Hearse (Try googling Cadillac XTS Statesmen. You won’t be disappointed), Toyota Crown, or a Datsun Fairlady 240Z.

(16) I get bored extremely easily… which is why I never had a call center tenure of more than 9 months. I yearn for a major change in routine from time to time.

(17) Then again, a corollary. #15 does not apply to photography or bumming around at home.

(18) I have a 102mm reflector telescope I barely use more than room decor. See the sky? See how clear it is? Yes. Exactly.

(19) I’m impeccably awesome at brainstorming, but ultimately fail in execution. This is why I think marketing is a wonderful industry for me to be in.

(20) I love rainy weather. It’s the only time my allergic rhinitis doesn’t act up at all. It sounds selfish, and a tad bit insensitive to what’s going on around the country, but I absolutely love the rain.

Who says it has to be just TWENTY? I want to write more because I’m a conceited fucker.

(21) Did you know that asking you for a photoshoot is one of the best ways I could show my highest adoration for you? Yes. Believe it.

(22) I genuinely love yaoi. Yaoi manga. Yaoi anime. Yaoi fanfics. Anything yaoi and/or anything suggestive to such… just don’t show me any of those live-action stuff and we’re cool.

(23) I have tumblr, twitter, and wordpress accounts. All of them have the same username: FrostLoop

(24) … but where did FrostLoop come from? As you’ve read from #20, I love rainy weather. Likewise, I love cold weather, therefore I’ve always had usernames with “Frost” as a suffix… then I met this girl named Isa. Her usual username is Polyloop. I put them together and I got FrostLoop. It’s so utterly cute, so it stuck. NOW YOU KNOW.

(25) I love to cook, and I love to experiment in the kitchen. Want soup? I can make soup with absolutely anything I find in the kitchen, including but not limited to, random herbs and spices, gravy mix, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, 4 kinds of pepper, vermicelli, pasta, and much much more.

(26) My taste in music is awesome, and (not bragging) there have been multiple cases of women liking me primarily because of this. Imagine cuddling in bed with Earth Wind and Fire and/or Al Jarreau playing in the background.

(27) I love Star Wars. My entire family loves Star Wars. So much love for Star Wars that there are life-sized replicas of R2-D2, C-3PO, a Trade Federation B1 Battle Droid, Anakin’s blue and red lightsabers, a thermal detonator, Pit Droids, and a Storm Trooper armor set here at home.

(28) I enjoy dismantling random things, like electronics, appliances, and gadgets that aren’t used or aren’t in working condition anymore. This includes NERF guns, random toys, and other unmentionables. lol.

(29) I have a lot of creation-based programs and games in my computer. Sims 2, Sims 3, Minecraft, Lego Digital Designer, Pepakura Designer, World Builders for Starcraft, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, and Sims 2 and 3, RPG Maker VX ACE,

(30) If you tell me to LIKE something on Facebook, and it doesn’t interest me, then sorry.

There. Thirty when the title explicitly says just TWENTY, because I’m conceited and vain like that.


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