Photo Sessions with Mynths

As I’ve always told myself and my friends, photography is my passion. And since it is something I love doing, I devote a lot of time and resources towards this wonderful art form, in one way or another. Not only that, I take pride in my shots, no matter how good or how bad it may come out.

A few months ago, I blogged about a friend of mine, Lara, and the wonderful shoots we had together. You can view more photos here, if in case the few shots I have in that post wouldn’t satisfy your eyes.

Over the past few weeks I met Mynths. She was introduced to me by a cousin of mine, and Mynths and I have done quite a few shoots here and there. You can view the full set here.

This was from our first shoot. I noticed how well she manipulates the vapor coming from my electronic cigarette, and she does it so awesomely well that we decided to make it a recurring activity when shooting.

We then decided to take things outside. We went to the park one afternoon and this shot suddenly happened. It’s just perfect; the vapor, the contour of her face, her hair, her silhouette against the direct and heavy lighting, and the overall look of the photo.



These two shots right here, these were shot the day after her birthday, as a birthday present to her, as a wonderful friend, confidante, and model. After all, what better gift for a photographer to give to his model than a photoshoot, right?

This time, we took advantage of my very own house. I always overlook certain places here at home that could otherwise be used as a very nice setting and/or background for shoots, such as the staircase, the koi pond, and of course, a wall of shrubs, leaves, and vines near the gate of the house.

This week, we plan to have yet another shoot. We’re still thinking about what new concepts to try out, so do keep updated via this blog or on my Facebook page.

See you real soon!


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