Storming Halloween

Many times I wish I’d have a nice enough costume to parade around town during Halloween. Though there really were times I’d have a decent costume, some were just too crass, or too crudely made that it wouldn’t really seem, at the least bit, presentable.


This iconic costume was based on the movie “300”, starring Gerald Butler and features the three hundred Spartans during the historic Battle of Thermopylae against the Persians.

This was my costume then, back in 2007 when I was actually fit enough to look the part. The helmet was fiberglass, painted matte gold, and weathered to seem like it was used in battle. I found an old cape my dad used to wear, modified it a bit, and for the spear, a long wooden rod fitted with a fiberglass spearhead.

Paraded around Ayala Alabang Village with some friends of mine.

fattonystarklolIn 2009, I stepped it up a notch, this time turning heads (in a good way, of course) with this really neat Iron Man costume, sans all the other armor pieces. I just had a nicely done half cardstock, half resin helmet my dad used as a prototype, painted ultra-metallic red and high gloss gold.

Accompanying the helmet was a replica arc reactor made completely from scratch. T’was made of illustration board for the frame, some copper wire to make it look realistic from afar, a whole lotta wires, and three LED bulbs, powered by a 9-volt cell underneath the shirt.

Wore it during a Halloween gig by Heartburn Productions, a music gig organizing group I used to shoot for before.

300298_10150378615666484_1161866375_nIn 2011, I was so much into this cute little anime series called Axis Powers Hetalia. It’s a show depicting anthropomorphic characters based on certain countries in the world. It’s actually a great way to teach world history to kids, teens, and adults, alike, and was really big in Japan and around the world. I think it still is, actually.

Wore it to The Pergola Mall’s Hallowpalooza 2011. Here I am with Angela Muñoz and her very nice Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” getup.

_1400758-1This year, however, I seem to have gone a bit overboard with stepping things up a notch. I took my dad’s set of Stormtrooper armor, made COMPLETELY out of fiberglass, and had it repainted, waxed, and shined.

Needless to say, this has got to be the most awesome costume I have ever worn, and the most labor intensive to maintain.

1421325_10152005338105540_1691836111_nWore it to The Pergola Mall’s Hallowpalooza 2013. Again, here I am with Gela and her very skillfully done Harley Quinn costume, which she actually performed in, by the way.

Yes. This Stormtrooper costume? It would be quite hard to match, and even harder to surpass for next year’s Halloween event. But who knows, really?

Until next year for the Halloween posts, ne?


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