Packing Rice

Before anything else, lemme just say… my heart goes out to those affected by the recent Supertyphoon Yolanda (Intl: Haiyan). Surely there are no words of comfort, no monetary value, and most definitely, absolutely nothing anyone could ever have done to undo the damage that has been caused.

There is always that part of the family with the most resources to spare. In my case, it’s the Serranilla side of the clan. They have always had the biggest and grandest parties, the best shindigs whenever a holiday or someone celebrates their birthdays, and as I’ve only recently realized, the biggest contribution to relief operations I have ever seen from any single family.


Yes. Today, we packed rice. They had several sacks of rice we segregated into 1-kilo bags, and we were more than happy to help. I know they had way way more to give, and it is that heart, that dedication that inspires other people to do the same when a calamity and/or crisis like this happens.





Yes. Indeed, today was a fruitful, and most of all, fulfilling day to live and love.


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