Bloggers United 6

I couldn’t believe I still couldn’t get over the fact that I attended yet another bazaar, despite having very little money left. Hahaha!

This time, it’s Bloggers United 6. Yes. Now you know why I made an exception. I always make exceptions for Tumblr and/or Blogger related events… so yeah. Hee hee. Anyway, t’was a one-day affair, held in the very nice (and unfortunately, excruciatingly crowded) World Trade Center.

Ooh! Did I mention I was with Misha and Rica, as well? My flower babies. lol. Oh wait. They both did ask for flower crowns, didn’t they? I have yet to ask them what kind of flowers they want for their crowns, tho.

ALSO, NEWSFLASH: I WENT TO A HIGHLY ANTICIPATED EVENT WITH BARELY ANY BATTERY ENERGY FOR MY CAMERA. Yay. Congratulations to me. I did, however, manage to take a few snapshots here and there.


Hi Bea! Absolutely stunning, I always get near-speechless every time I see her… and to think, I’ve seen her personally like, thrice, I think? Yep. Definitely adding her to the list of dream-people-to-shoot. Yep.


I met this really really cute blogger. Her name’s Reese, and I absolutely love the way she dresses, not to mention DAT HAIR. Yes. So very visually appealing. I love it!

Oh! To those who know me, who have met me, and most especially went shopping with me already, y’all should know that for the past year, I have been using this really cute watermelon coin purse, right? Well guess what? Reese was selling almost the exact same thing… and this time, IT’S AN ORANGE! Insta-buy, right? Hee hee!



See, this almost makes up for my failed attempt in bringing a working camera. Thank you very much, MadHouseMNL, for always having a photobooth around whenever there’s a bloggers’ event/bazaar! This is just wonderful!

Also, yay. Hi Misha. *kiliglol*


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