Sunflower Crowns

So, since Misha and Rica both asked for a crown with sunflowers in ’em, I decided to make just that… and more crowns because it’s fun to make ’em.


Yep. See how much fun I’m having? Anyway, my sister started the whole flower crown idea (naki-gaya lang ako lol) and she gave me tips on how to make ’em… sorta. She didn’t really do much talking… I just watched. lol.

So yeah. I realized that putting just the flowers would look absolutely boring if I’m using sunflowers… so I decided to put a little foliage with it.



There. Yeah. I got two orders, yet I made three. One for Rica. One for Misha… and of course, one for me, because sunflowers are awesome.

SO, FOR MORE FLOWER CROWNS, DO CONTACT MY SISTER. (yes. shameless plugging.)

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