Goldilocks with Sunflowers

Well, I never thought today would be a great day. Lemme start by saying that despite all the wonderfully delightful things that happened today, it was an extremely hot day. Like wow. Much hot. Very sun.

So yeah. Today, I met up with Misha *yihee* in Pergola, where she was having her hair coloured. I swear, she is Goldilocks. lol. I gave my Christmas gift to her, which is a little bit different from the crowns I made for Rica and myself… a little bit. So yeah.


Goldilocks, right? Hee hee. I swear, I am in love with her hair now. Like… wow.

Okay… bring on the nice hair and flower crowns!



More photos after the cut~!





WHAT? Whaddya expect? I did say this is a photo blog, after all, didn’t I? lol.


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