A Night In Urduja House

Yes. This is a little bit too soon. I know. Airese and I planned yet another shoot! Night shoot! Impromptu, much? lol.

This time, we decided upon a number of places around Lingayen suitable to shoot at night in. We checked out the first prospect.


This is Sison Auditorium. While the photo does not do the place justice, I guess you can already tell with one shot that it is nothing short of grand.

It was huge, I tell you. I wager this place could seat five thousand easily, with chairs and tables, at that! A large chandelier, a grand theater-ish stage, complete with the appropriate curtains. It reminded me of Malacañang Palace and Manila Hotel, and that’s something already, considering this place isn’t located anywhere near Manila.

Unfortunately, I felt as if I couldn’t seem to find enough courage to shoot in such a place. No. Not worthy of this. Let’s go outside, shall we? Next on the list was where we eventually ended up.

Urduja House is a mansion in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Established even before the Spanish times, and named after the legendary princess believed to have lived in Pangasinan, this gated mansion now serves as the province’s Governor’s residence. Now THAT is history, right there!

This is where I first used multiple lights in an actual shoot. Two speedlights, two light stands, one with a diffuser, one with an umbrella. Sounds simple enough, right?

Due to security reasons, though. We were only permitted to shoot outside, on the tiled courtyard. Still inside the gates. Still counts, right?


Yes. The obligatory fixing-of-eyeglasses shot. Airese has yet to watch Free!, but I’m glad we were able to pull this off… sorta. WELP. OKAY, THEN! TIME FOR MORE PHOTOS!



Yes. Light flares were intentional. Rather do it this way than in Photoshop. Hope you understand. lol.



An exchange Airese and I had earlier:
Me: Something’s wrong with your plushie.
Her: Hmm? What is it?
Me: It’s not a cat.

Anyway, yeah. I do hope you enjoyed this set of photos. More to come soon!

… I don’t really know when, exactly, but soon. Probably this summer?



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