Hello from Baguio!

Hello! I am in Baguio. Here’s an obligatory Mines View Park photo.

P1440735Also, meet my alter-ego. 

Here in Baguio for the next three days. I cannot even imagine what kept me so long to get back here. What with the roasting baking toasting cooking searing heat currently burning Manila to a crisp with temperatures well over 40ºC… in the shade, even! Everyone would LOVE to go to a place where 20ºC is defined as hot weather, right? Right?

… right?

It’s not just the cold weather I’m here for…



Yes. Strawberries. LOOK AT THOSE PRICES. Ain’t no way you’re getting that anywhere near that price in Manila. Yep. Yep.


Also, my aunt, my mom, and my mom’s friend greets and bids everyone farewell, as a twenty-something foot T-Rex seems to have taken a liking for early dinners.

I would probably suck as a humor blogger. Yep. Probably so.

More photos on my facebook. Meep. Friends only… I think. Oh well.


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