Ozinefest 2014: The Experience

Being the most anticipated cosplay event -slash- bazaar -slash- MMORPG promotion event -slash- fanservice central event of the year, one might expect wonderfully heavy crowds.

Wait. No. That’s an understatement.

One should expect as well, that with huge crowds, there must be a certain level of crowd control that should be enforced to keep things orderly, right?


Full review and more photos after the cut!

Well, that was just… toxic. It’s as if Ozine didn’t do anything to avoid such a huge crowd by suddenly increasing ticket prices from P120 to P150 without telling anybody. WAIT, WHAT? Printing 10,000 tickets seemed highly ambitious of them. Then again, the 20,000 attendees that pretty much filled SMX to the brim sorta kinda made them think twice. Imagine if they hiked the price up to P300, they’d profit exponentially more, all the same.

Well, at least we didn’t have security guards bellowing on their megaphones, telling everyone not in the cesspool of crowds packed like sardines to get their asses up and go to the designated areas like the good robots they are. Yeahhhh.

Also, I sorta kinda discovered a nice area within SMX where people can hang out, shoot, and pretty much rejuvenate themselves whilst escaping the MRT-like crowd.

The other side of SMX was like the promised land. Situated right under the VIP rooms, at the 2nd floor, within the walkway to the MoA-SMX bridge, was a nice, empty space with huge windows and (miraculously) chairs to use and sit on.

Luckily for us, none of the guards really paid attention. I’m guessing they actually understand what it’s like to be in the MRT and just wanting to escape to a place where they’d actually have some personal space and air. Yes. The air. Also, the aircon was quite sufficient.

Also, a shoutout to the CNPH people I shared the shooting space with! You know who you are. Hi!

P1450254-73Neck massage, anyone? 

Oh eff this. On with the photos!



This is Elsa, clearly letting it all go. Damn. She’s cute. Her hair is just wonderfully done. And that dress is like she came straight from a debut or a wedding, or something.



This is Vallex Valkyrie. She’s a foreign cosplayer (I think she is), cosplaying a genderbent Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Yes. She is just… gorgeous.



This is Aisaka Taiga, or at least her facebook says she is. I don’t know her real name, though, but isn’t she just pretty?



Last, but definitely not the least, is this delightful woman I met. Her name is JC Zala. She’s absolutely beautiful, and pretty interesting to talk with. Anyway, she cosplayed Hanji Zoe from Shingeki no Kyojin. Is it just me or is she dual-wielding Squall’s signature Revolver Gunblades? I don’t know for sure, really.


Here. Have a portrait. Yes. That’s me. Yes. I don’t do costumes. Also, I look wonderfully Chinese. I am so sorry. lol.


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