Ozinefest 2014 with Airese

So the Singson kids took a painstakingly long trip from Lingayen to Manila just to attend Ozinefest 2014. Yes. That’s an 8-hour trip… one way.

And when they got here, the boys, being boys, naturally went on to the VIP room/s and then the maid cafe, leaving Airese, the youngest sibling and the only girl in the group, all alone.

So what to do, right? Simple, really. Call up your cousin who loves to shoot and ask him to accompany her whilst the boys go flirting with them maids and foreign cosplayers. I was more than happy to do so.


Yes. You could clearly see how bored she was.


So here was my setup for both days and nights I was with her. That was for both Saturday and Sunday. Yes. It was awesome.

More photos after the cut!



During the first day, she was wearing a cat ears headband, a cute croptop over a sando, camo-ish short skirt, and striped socks so long, you just might be able to fit a sword in there.



Can you see the crowd down there? Yep. Welcome to Ozine, guys. She wasn’t too impressed of the crowd control (or lack thereof) in the event.


Second day outfit: A dress! Yay! Also, cat stockings she bought the night before. Yes. She seems to have a liking for long socks and/or stockings that look like long socks.


Uber-hyper girl. Make her a balloon and she’d be even more hyper. Get her some lollipops for that sugar rush and you’ve got a kid with the soul of a raging tornado. Yep. Wonderful.


Yep. Sugar rush, indeed.



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