The Selfie: FrostLoop Edition

As a photographer, it gives me great pride and greater pleasure to capture beautiful memories, stunning views, and otherwise spontaneous moments that the world, my friends, and my surroundings have to offer.

But what about myself, you might ask? Surely, in this day and time, I must have the urge to take a self-portrait (selfie/selca) here and there, right? Yes. I have asked myself that question time and time again, but never got the chance to execute something that would involve taking self portraits and using some photography skills, until now.

Without further delay, may I present to you: “The Selfie”


Yes, that’s a selfie, shot with studio lights ablaze, and yes, I tend to overdo things, sometimes. Hi.

I’ve decided that since I have the studio lights set up and running, why don’t I take a few more shots here and there, yes?

More photos after the cut.

P1460113-27 P1460240-12 P1460254-16 P1460256-18


Yes, that’s a gloomy bear, and yes, I might be overdoing this selfie thing already.


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