Rampaging As Caitlyn

It’s been a while since I’ve cosplayed. The last time was when I went as a Stormtrooper in The Pergola Mall’s Hallowpalooza 2013 event, detailed here.

This time was quite different in more ways than one. Let me enumerate. First, it was a cosplay inspired by a video game character. Second, it was a genderbend-type of cosplay, since the game character is female, originally. Third, I had the props made by a third-party cosplay prop supplier and fabricator. Fourth, this is actually the fastest-planned and executed cosplay I have ever done.

This cosplay was based on Caitlyn, the Peacemaker of Piltover, from the game League of Legends.


Yes. I still used my home studio. Yes, this is a selfie. Yes, I used a timer. lol. hi.

Here, have some snapshots of me during Rampage 2014.

© Fritz Taquiqui


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