Ainrand Uy: Studio Time Part Four!

In my last post about her, I described Ainrand as my muse, that one person who would always have a place in my heart, in the form of extensive photoshoots I’ve had with her.

In light of Taylor Swift’s new album called “1989”, and its inclusive polaroid photos, Ainrand and I were inspired to do a studio shoot loosely based on TSwift’s new album.

ainrand1989-1Because apparently, we couldn’t have
done better with our lives. 

Many, many more photos after the cut.

… and oh, a quick disclaimer about Ainrand: She loves to eat, and I mean LOOOOOOOVES to eat.

P1460665-17 P1460666-18 P1460829-130 P1460809-111 P1460769-89 P1460761-81 P1460721-55 P1460716-50 P1460698-41


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