That NCH Party: 2014 Edition

Oftentimes, my mom would take me along with her to assist her whilst she hosts kiddie parties or does balloon twisting during parties. There are instances wherein I would twist balloons with her, and there are also instances wherein everything is done for charity and none of us would get a single cent out of it. Today was just like that.

Today, we, together with several other entertainers, magicians, ventriloquists, entertainers, and suppliers in the industry came together to hold a very one-of-a-kind occasion: A christmas party, for kids with cancer.



Words just could not describe the feeling, whether it’s of the fact that we were there, or the fact that we were there doing things we love and do best, and for free, for people we barely even know, for people who need entertainment the most.

It’s true, that a lot of these kids would probably not be able to celebrate Christmas like everyone else, let alone be with us anymore the next time we hold a party there. It’s a morbid statement, yes, but it is the unfortunate truth. The last time we held a party like this for them was in 2012, and this time, it’s an entirely new crowd altogether.

We ditched all the sad thoughts, even just for a day, and went on to make sure everyone went home with a smile.

More photos after the cut, for those curious.

P1470032 P1470023 P1470007 P1460992 P1460981 P1470088 P1470116 P1470062


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