Living On My Own

I have not been online since January 2, and it surprisingly feels refreshing! I am pleased to announce that for the past two weeks, I have lived away from my parents’ home, and in mine. I now live in a posh subdivision with my girlfriend de facto wife, Jennifer. Hee hee!

P1470449-2Oh, did I mention there’s a Buddhist temple right behind our house? 

I learned a lot of things the past two weeks, like letting go of my emotions, connecting with people easily, and most especially, empathizing with various types of people. I also met a lot of new friends, which feels awesome! I now have work I would proudly say would be passionate, with even more passionate people as bosses!

We live modest lifestyles, and that also taught me that I don’t really need much to enjoy life. I transformed into a person who appreciates the little things and gestures even more than I did in the past. My lifestyle has changed, my diet has changed, and most especially, my outlook in life has changed.

I am pretty sure I have just begun a new chapter in my life’s journey, and I am looking forward to moving on, not just on my own, but with Jen by my side.


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