On Vegan Pasta Recipes

After months of “research”, I have begun developing multiple vegan pasta recipes to match the notoriety of my “Heaven” and “Hell” recipes, minus lacto-crash inducing and tongue-burning properties, respectively.

P1300606-1Because apparently, bacon is anything but vegan. 

I have also decided to name them according specific feelings and emotions, as is the target feeling whence partaking in said pasta dishes. The following are the names I have thought of throughout the recipe-formulating process:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Intimacy
  • Inspiration
  • Hope
  • Power
  • Bliss
  • Nirvana

Photo151This is “INTIMACY”. It involves blending tomatoes and
cucumbers with a fair amount of olive oil and basil
leaves. Why ‘Intimacy’? Simply because every bite is
an intimate moment between you and your tongue,
and because I can, that’s why. 

Rest assured, I will be making much, much more recipes in the future, and I will post them all here, together with their respective recipes.

P.S. Bliss and Nirvana will be outrageously flavorful dishes. These will be nothing short of epic, I guarantee you.


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