Why Hike When You Can Bike?

I’ve always wanted a bike for the longest time. It gets me from point A to point B much faster than my usual means, which is walking, plus it helps me get there without worrying about enduring heavy loads due to a. getting there faster, b. having wheels, and c. I have somewhere to put my stuff onto to reduce the burden of carrying the actual things.

Jen helped me out with getting me a brand new bike. For merely PHP 3,000 (USD 67), I am now able to get to places I normally wouldn’t be able to on foot alone.

215-biking1Pardon the colours. It’s a work in progress. Also, yes. Matte black!

More of the story after the cut!

The rest of my family was thrilled by this purchase, and soon thereafter, everyone joined in the fun!

215-biking3 215-biking2
Dahon SUV folding bike. In candy red! Sweet!

Yes. Everyone got into it, alright!

… a bit too much, that the adrenaline didn’t even make my little brother Mykee flinch when he got an otherwise affectionate and intimate relationship with the asphalt.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t all that affectionate.

One thing’s for sure, though. It’s his very first “Battle Scar” and he’s proud of it! What makes it even more awesome is that this not-so-very-little ‘battle scar’ isn’t stopping him from taking on the road and aiming for the top! Good on ya, bro!


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