The Wild Unknown

For many weeks, Jen has been talking about a deck that was sent to her by her sister in the U.S., called “The Wild Unknown” by Kim Krans.

Jen’s sister ordered a deck on 3 December 2014, and since it didn’t arrive, she ordered yet another one on 19 January 2015, for a total of two (2) orders!

Funny, really, because the first order seems to have gone through a eurotrip before getting shipped to Manila, since the packaging was in French, and came from France. To think, the two decks arrived within days of each other!

314-twu1So, what do we do with TWO decks? 

I’m just about starting out with my rediscovery of the Tarot, and as much as Jen wants to send the other one back to her sister, I have called dibs on it, and now we use the same type of deck for readings!

So I asked the deck whether or not it was made for me, if it chooses me as its reader. Here’s the result:

314-twu2So, that’s a yes, right? 

I have grown quite fond of The Wild Unknown. Kim Krans has done a wonderful job illustrating every single card by hand, with such wonderful imagery that just grounds me. It’s truly a humbling experience, every time I read with her deck.

I look forward to go on a spiritual journey with this deck. I do feel we’d go far. Very strongly, yes I do.


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