Lingayen with Jen

I’ve always wanted to go back to Lingayen for the longest time. Since I last went there last year, I’ve longed and yearned to get on a bus and just bask in the sun on the beach, with just the sunshine on my face and the sound of waves crashing down on my feet and legs.

It brings me great joy to shoot wonderful people in wonderful places. The last time I shot there, I was with my cousin, Airese, and we shot from noon ’til the sun don’t shine no more.


So this year, Jen and I have decided to take our long-deserved vacation in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

From the first up to the fourth of April, we basked under the sun, meditated on the beach, charged our tarot decks and crystals in the sand, ate, drank, went merry-making, and basically just having the time of our lives.

404-lingayen09Yes. Majestic, indeed. 

404-lingayen10“One day Simba, All of this will be yours. Everything the light touches
is part of our kingdom.”
-Comment on Facebook, by Julya Buhain

That, and I shot with Airese again! Yay! The weather and overall conditions weren’t as cooperative as with last year’s, but I still managed to get a couple of good shots.

404-lingayen04 404-lingayen06 404-lingayen07

More after the cut~!

Likewise, for the longest time, I’ve always told myself that Lingayen was the true home of both my heart and soul. Jen and I have seen many signs (more than enough, actually) that prove just that.

Going around the Capitol area, it was like we were both looking into our past lives, what and who we were back then, and what the hell we left as legacies. It was awesome.

Also, here’s Jen with the Capitol Building!

404-lingayen11Yes. It’s yellow, and it looks better than most other city halls I’ve seen. 

And here’s Jen with the statue of Pangasinan’s first governor, Perfecto Sison.

404-lingayen12Is it just me or does he look better than Jose Rizal? 

After our Capitol trip, and a wonderfully delicious, and particularly satisfying lunch at Consuelo’s, we headed to Ai’s house for the afternoon.

When we got there, we weren’t planning to do anything, really. We spent the time just talking, eating, reading tarot cards with Ai, Tovin, and Movin, and played around with Zy.

OH! Which reminds me, here are some photos from the visit!

404-lingayen13 404-lingayen14 404-lingayen15

So yeah. It was loads of fun! We’ll be back real soon. Hopefully.


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