Tarot Tales

A few weeks ago, Jen convinced me to take Tarot Reading classes with Mysterium, with a good friend, Robert Rubin as my mentor.

I just started yesterday, and while I may have been reading on and off since I was 16 years old, I still feel like I’ve learned so much about the Tarot. Classes are every thursday after yesterday for the next six weeks. I do hope I am able to finish all this, because damn, I feel in my heart that this is something I really need.

So, to make things short, hi. I am basically peddling myself and my services. For a minimum fee, I can read your soul… wait, no. For a very affordable rate, I am offering my tarot reading services to all my readers!

There are, however, a few things to note. Every succeeding week, I would have to charge more than I used to, meaning, if I can charge a hundred this week, then the next week will have to be two hundred, then three hundred, and so on, and so forth, until I reach the certification class end goal of PHP 500 (USD 12) per reading.

Well, Rob did say that the three main goals of having the class are a. Getting Certified, b. Getting to know the Tarot better, and c. Putting money in our pockets, because love and affection alone can’t feed us, in the end.

I have also started reading in Cubao Expo. I’ve met a lot of friends there, and I feel that one or more of them would want and/or need a reading or two, whether or not I would charge for it, even.

Well, here’s to finding out for myself, yes?



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