Food: Tofu Nuggets

I’ve always wanted to experiment with tofu.

One day, I thought “Hey, why don’t I try making tofu into nuggets, like chicken nuggets?”

… and so I did.


  • 6-8 blocks of tokwa
  • 1 packet Ajinomoto Crispy Fry (for 1 kg meat)

How to cook:

  • Slice tofu blocks into bite-sized chicken-nugget-sized little cubes.
  • Coat tofu in Crispy Fry breading mix.
  • Pre-heat skillet and oil. Enough to submerge the tofu blocks.
  • Deep-fry tofu cubes for 5-8 minutes, or until crispy. (For added crunch, don’t crowd them.)
  • Drain excess oil, cool, then serve.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, yes?

Photo372-2Mmm. Crunchy goodness. 

Photo371-1Look at all that yummy, healthy tofu. 

Photo375-3It even looks like chicken on the inside! This is brilliant!


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