Mysterium Tarot Graduation

A month and a half ago, Jen convinced me to take Tarot Reading classes with Mysterium, with a good friend, Robert Rubin as my mentor.

Six sessions and countless readings later, I have graduated from the Mysterium Center, as a Certified Tarot Card Reader.

Shot010-2Wow. Let’s do this, then!

I realized that if not for a three-day offset, I would have finished this Tarot Certification course EXACTLY a year and a half after Jen did.

Shot008-1The circle is now complete. 

I would like to thank my mentor, Robert Francis P. Rubin of Mysterium Philippines, together with my classmates Chard Ligsay, Bennett Sevilla, Carol Reyes, and Revan Manzano, for a very meaningful class.

I was asked if I would recommend this class to other people. Well, my answer would be a resounding YES!


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