Starting My Reiki Journey

I’ve always thought I was different. I thought differently. I felt differently. I saw things in so many different points of view, that I sometimes surprise myself with what and/or how much I know about certain people and topics that I end up looking like a psychic-mind-reading-know-it-all to people who don’t know any better. I’ve always thought I was just some overly-sensitive person who just has his emotions going practically everywhere.

It’s only recently (around a year ago) that I learned I was empathic, that I could feel the energies of myself and of the people around me, that it seems that I could innately perceive and feel people with just my intuition, that many of the things I want, things I need, and a lot of my decisions are almost directly influenced by other people’s wants, needs, desires, urges, and so on, and so forth.

As a spiritual healer, I’ve always been curious about the different healing modalities available to us. I started incorporating Qi Gong hand gestures into my tarot card readings earlier this year, with the intent of healing while I read. It’s been working quite well, actually, so well that people ask me if I’ve taken Mysterium Philippines‘ Reiki classes.

Due to the way I channel and direct energy, I’ve been told I do Reiki healing, despite the fact that I’ve never formally had a teacher/mentor in this. I’ve always wanted to take a formal Reiki class. And so, after so long, I have decided to.


Yesterday, I took a Reiki 1 class and received Shoden (Level 1 Attunement) from Reiki Master and Teacher Sarah Salcedo-Rubin.

I felt so much love, so much warmth flowing in me, even just upon entering the Mysterium Center. For confidentiality purposes, I will not divulge any information from the class itself. What I am comfortable to say, however, is that everything felt right, after the class and Attunement was done.

reikiclass02Feels wonderful, I tell you!

I’m already feeling the results of the Attunement, in the form of enhanced thought and emotional processes, vivid dreams, and of course, physical symptoms such as detoxification and the body shedding off the dense, idle energies inside of me, thereby offsetting with a whole lot of sleeping.

Starting today, I shall go through a 21-day cleansing and self-healing period, wherein each of my seven chakras will go through a 3-day cleansing period, and as such, I shall be posting a weekly entry detailing what I felt for every day of the cleansing period.

Let go and let flow. Light and love to all of you!


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