The Insta-Gift

For the longest time, I’ve had this pink Instax Mini 7 just lying around, not being used and all. I decided to give it to someone who’d appreciate it. I promised to give it a year ago, but it was only today when I was able to give it, albeit personally.

FrostPic1715See that smile on her face? Priceless.

So yes. This is Juno. She’s technically not my cousin, but we sure act as if we are! She’s actually my first cousin’s first cousin…ish? I think? But yeah.

Anyway, I gave her a tarot card reading and an Instax Mini 7 as a Christmas gift, because I’m such a good guy and all. lol.

12386644_1221886361156671_359548612_nAn INTP and an INFJ walked into the room…


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