[Reiki] Healing and Cleansing Diary

This post chronicles my journey into self-healing and cleansing with Reiki energy.

A full 21-day diary detailing what I felt after self-healing and cleansing with Reiki.

Day 01 – Mon, Nov. 30 (10:30 PM)
Today starts my 21-day cleansing period. I have just gone through an entire day, just sleeping off tired muscles from yesterday’s reiki class. I still feel the detoxification process going through and around my body and aura.

Day 02 – Tue, Dec. 01 (08:30 AM)
Did today’s cleansing exercise after feeding and burping the kittens. Today is wonderful. I feel wonderful. I feel good, clean, warm, and ready to take on today’s tasks and errands. I sent some reiki to my beloved, as well, to help her through today’s challenges.

Day 03 – Wed, Dec. 02 (9:15 AM)
One of our kittens died yesterday, and the other one seems to have suffered from tick paralysis, but today, I still feel good. There are some imbalances I noticed within the past 24 hours with regards to emotions, but I feel that all that’s just normal. I also learned that cats are very receptive to Reiki energy, and it seems they somehow enjoy it whenever I do self-healing, as they seem to get some reiki, as well!

Day 04 – Thu, Dec. 03 (7:45 AM)
For some reason, I feel the pangs of fatigue course through my body, and I could only do so much to stop the inevitable. A lot of times, I’ve found that I could be extremely active. Some times, however, when it’s a down time, it’s a down time. My body clock has also tried its darndest best to reset itself, based upon the sunrise and sunset. Tonight will be quite notable, due to the fact that I’ll be reading multiple clients at nearly the same time. I’ll most probably be doing some self-healing before that happens, as well.

Day 05 – Fri, Dec. 04 (6:30 AM)
Oh, what a wonderful morning it is! The sun is shining brightly, one of our kittens have been adopted earlier today, and I’ve learned so much about the world we live in, in a good way, of course. I’ve come to realize within the past few days that I seem to be less prone to violent emotional meltdowns and/or fits, if not actually eliminating that trait of mine. Here’s to more discoveries in the future!

Day 06 – Sat, Dec. 05 (6:00 AM)
It feels good now. Very good. I’m able to focus more, concentrate more, to channel the energy better and more efficient. I no longer feel drained nor tired whenever I do reiki. I’m also able to ground myself well now, since I no longer feel that light-headedness after a self-healing session.

Day 07 – Sun, Dec. 06 (6:30 AM)
I feel warmth from my solar plexus now. Like the energy wants to do nothing but to flow freely, all around my body, going warmer and warmer, while I’m going deeper and deeper into meditation. I feel that I am now able to heal so many people with this energy. But not yet. Not now. I am eager, but I am not quite ready yet.

Day 08 – Mon, Dec. 07 (11:45 AM)
Good morning, world! Wow. Last night was fun. I participated in the gauntlet/graduation exercise for Mysterium’s newest batch of certified Tarot readers, followed by reading sessions later that night. I felt as if I was in tune with the energy/ies around me. Not just of myself, but also of others, as well. It felt surreal, really. It felt great, for the most part. For today, however, things are quite tame, to be quite honest. The sun is filtering through the windowpanes, the birds singing their songs of gladness and cheer, and everything seems to feel right in the world.

Day 09 – Tue, Dec. 08 (8:20 AM)
Today feels exceptionally great! Sun shining bright. Delicious food. My girlfriend feeling exceptionally well, as well. All feels good and right in the world. I am more able to feel different vibrations and energies around me, whether it be of plants, animals, or other people.

Day 10 – Dec. 09 (4:00 AM)
I just woke up, and I’ve decided to do today’s self-healing and cleansing just a little bit earlier than usual, since I predict I’d be busy later on today. I feel oh so full of energy. My crown and brow chakras seem wonderfully warm and so very alive. Sleeping next to a large orgonite seems to have such a nice effect on sleep, that I’d love to try it out again!

Day 11 – Dec. 10 (7:15 AM)
My throat and heart chakra seem wonderfully relieved after today’s self-healing. It feels as if the cleansing started with my crown chakra, going down to the base chakra. First three days were filled with fatigue. Fourth to sixth days were filled with confusing conversations, yet meaningful memories. Seventh to ninth days were filled with asthmatic tendencies, allergies, coughing, sneezing, and so on, and so forth. However, starting last night, I began feeling immensely better, in all those areas of improvement. I barely cough now, deep breaths now leave me feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and doesn’t lead to coughing nor gasping anymore, unlike before.

Day 12 – Dec. 11 (9:00 AM)
Today, my heart feels great! No palpitations, no coughing, no sneezing, no wheezing. I feel pretty dapper, as well! It’s as if everywhere I go, and everyone I talk with feel completely and utterly delighted, as I spread light, love, and hope among them! Here’s to more adventures and greater happiness with Reiki energy!

Day 13 – Dec. 12 (8:20 AM)
Today, I feel happy and content. Letting the energy flow through me, I feel that I could do absolutely anything! I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, though. Looks like today is a day to rest up. This time, however, I will be sleeping with all my gems and crystals, together with all my tarot decks, next to me. Orgonite above my head, I’m sure I am to sleep quite peacefully.

Day 14 – Dec. 13 (8:00 AM)
The sun is shining, it’s a brand new day. The weather’s nice, birds are singing, kids are playing on the street with their parents and pets. My heart and mind are at peace, and have been at peace for the past couple days. All is well. I feel so very lucky that I feel this way, that despite all my setbacks and despite all the obstacles I’ve faced in life, I’m still here. I’m still alive and kicking. I feel grateful. I feel lucky. I feel alive!

Day 15 – Dec. 14 (7:45 AM)
Only on a Monday am I able to stretch out my intuition and Reiki channeling abilities. People are rushing to work with little to no sleep, and I have taken it to myself to send out waves of good energy to everyone who wants it. All the fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties are taken away within just a few minutes. People are starting to trust me to support them every morning with Reiki. It feels great, because I get to practice, as well!

Day 16 – Dec. 15 (6:30 AM)
A lot of times, I experience good deeds from people around me, whether or not it is expected of them. I have realized that expressing gratitude and learning to be thankful is one of the most important steps to being happy. It teaches me to appreciate people and things more, in a warmer, happier light. Especially now that Christmas is fast approaching, appreciation and gratitude are supposed to be at the core of my person, thanking people for whatever good deed they’ve done, or even for just being there. I thank my girlfriend a lot, whether for small things and for big. I realize that I’m lucky enough to be thankful for some things in life, that I have so much to be thankful for. Realizing that somewhere out there, there’s at least one person in the eight billion people in the world who would look at my life, and would switch places with me in a heartbeat, fills me with joy and determination.

Day 17 – Dec. 16 (8:00 AM)
As a service-oriented person, I feel that I have seem to dedicate my life a lot to helping those in need. Whether it be in the form of reading the tarot cards, giving advice, and/or performing Reiki on other people, whether it be paid or free, gives me great pleasure and joy, as I am able to give help to people who need it the most. I want to continue this, with great zeal. Onwards!

Day 18 – Dec. 17 (3:30 PM)
I believe that there is nothing more important in life than to achieve happiness, not only with oneself, but also by sharing this happiness with other people. Let’s do just that, yes?

Day 19 – Dec. 18 (11:45 AM)
Sometimes, it feels as if the world just stands still, as if we are all connected spiritually through these energies that bind us, that dictate how we feel and think about what to do, what to think, what to feel, and what to make out of this time we call life. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I have realized my calling in healing and helping people out, through the use of tarot cards and spiritual healing. As I’ve said a few days ago, it gives me great joy in helping people in need, and I feel that I will continue this for however long I could.

Day 20 – Dec. 19 (6:00 AM)
I used to think that spiritual wellness is something I don’t think I could have ever achieved wholeheartedly. At one point in life, I pretty much trashed all my existing beliefs and went towards the path of atheism and agnosticism. Soon after realizing that there must be a greater power than humanity itself, thereby realizing I was so very significantly mistaken, I then formulated my own belief set/s, pretty much being a “Cafeteria Catholic”, by many other people’s definition of it. I gained a deeper awareness of what I am and am not capable of doing, thinking, and feeling, which led me to the dabbling (and later on, studying and practicing) ancient Asian belief systems, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Great awareness and an even greater life purpose was realized, and so here we are. I feel more and more enlightened by the things I put my heart and mind into, especially if I use these things for the greater good, to help those in need. I am a lightworker, and I want to make the world a better place, not just for me, but for everyone else, as well!

Day 21 – Dec. 20 (4:30 AM)
Today is a special day. Not only does it mark the 21st day of my self-healing and cleansing period, but it also marks the first birthday of my “Christmas Blessing” of a niece! I have decided to send Reiki to her, and to my sister, who is also most probably celebrating her daughter’s very first birthday, as well! Oh, how wonderful life truly is, yes?


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