Intuitive Awakenings

Today, I finally took a course by Mysterium Philippines called Intuitive Awakenings.

We are living within an age of intense spiritual awakening around the world. Everyday, more and more people discover that they, too, hold a gift or hidden talent within themselves, and even more have discovered a deep need to further understand these talents and/or abilities. If this holds true to you or if you simply have the curiosity of learning more about what your own mind has to offer, the Mysterium Intuitive Awakenings program is the perfect place for you to do so!

Lemme give you guys a brief explanation about what this is all about.

Held throughout an extensive weekend program, this class is open to all, and exposes its participants to numerous forms of intuitive practices and essential theories to help determine which skills and talents suit best each participant. It also opens certain doors, that the student gets the privilege of furthering their learning in advanced programs offered by the Mysterium Community.

Throughout the program, the participants will be instructed on the theories of how the mind can shift between the defensive and receptive states, as well as how to move between them at will. Participants will also be given the basic means of intuitive protection, as well as other intuitive practices, inclusive but not limited to, remote viewing, utilizing intuitive visions, shamanic vision walking, as well as how to scan people and objects through the use of one’s intution.

IMG_0251Wow. I look really thin here. Looks like the dieting powers are working!

The program costs P5k, inclusive of learning aides. For more information, please contact Robert Rubin at 0916-551-1824, or visit the Mysterium Philippines Facebook Page for more details!


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