Tarot Reading at McKinley Hill

I’ve been reading for Mysterium for nearly a year now, and frankly, I feel blessed to have such a wonderful organization whenever I’d need support, or need to learn new things.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Rubin for his mentorship, and of course, for the wonderful opportunities, events, and gigs he brings to the table.

Today, a team of Mysterium Tarot Association representatives stormed Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill for an unusual (in a good way) event!

P1490908-5Hey, if my name was plastered onto a mall’s stage, I’d be hella grinning, too!

Rob had a Psychic Symposium earlier at Venice Piazza, talking mainly about this year’s Feng Shui forecasts, because it’s Chinese New Year in a few days’ time. After his short talk, the MTA team (Chard, Angelo, Lico, and I) went on to do Tarot Card Readings to anyone and everyone who’d want one, for free!

Photos after the cut!

P1490981-45 P1490984-47 P1490985-48 P1490986-49 P1490988-51 P1490989-52 P1490990-53 P1490991-54 P1500004-63 P1500026-79


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