Dopeloco’s Eyes Wide Shut

We live in an overly conservative country, seemingly ruled by the Catholic Church, and filled with religious people who probably don’t know any better. Yes. Filled. Like a bottle.

With all that said, rare comes the opportunity to experience anything kink-related, such as shibari (rope play), burlesque, or anything remotely related to kink. Dopeloco changed that, with some of the first Neo-Burlesque shows in the country, one of which is called Eyes Wide Shut.


Held at A Space Manila, in Makati City, it is a show you have never experienced before.

More photos after the cut.

P1500088-1 A burlesque show! In the Philippines! Amazing, right?

P1500100-9 Featuring the only Filipina neo-burlesque performer, from San Diego, Di’ Lovely!

P1500118-17 It was a full house! Roughly a hundred people within the cramped confines of A Space’s main hall! Truly amazing!

P1500122-18 Master Garrett tying his rope bunnies up during the Pre-Show performance. 





P1500142-33 Oh, it is just beautiful!

P1500168-46 Here’s a friend of mine, “PinkLaceLeather”, doing her performance piece. 

P1500231-65The (almost) complete cast of performers. Amazing performance, you guys!



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