Playing with Veggie Meat

It’s hard living a vegetarian life (let alone a vegan life) in the Philippines. While yes, we have an amazingly massive crop yield, our cuisine is filled to the brim with non-vegetarian friendly meals and viands that make you wonder: Where the hell did the vegetables go?

It’s hard to come by meat alternatives, and if and when you do, they’re wildly expensive. I guess it comes to no surprise that vegetarian options and cuisine has gotten to a point wherein only the rich can afford to be vegetarian.

That’s when I found Textured Vegetable Protein. Comes in a number of various names and colloquialisms, but it’s more widely known as “Veggie Meat”.

img_1015SSAM is a local brand that imports from India. Convenient!

I found SSAM to be quite convenient at providing Jen and I with a suitable meat alternative. Not only is it affordable (PHP 350 for 1 kg uncooked; 3-4 kg when cooked), it’s also pretty tasty, and very much mimics the texture of meat. You could get it in Ananda Marga Yoga Center in Sikatuna Village, or in various eco/green shops.

With the advent of affordable veggie meat, I have decided to play a bit with traditional recipes.

Care to take a look? Click on the “Continue reading” link to check out the wonderful things I’ve made, so far.

img_0994“Beef” Nilaga

img_0991“Beef” with Broccoli

img_1014Stirfry with “Pork cutlets”

Plenty you could do with it. If you can do it with meat, then you could do it with veggie meat!


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