Crap About Filipinos

I cannot even begin to fathom how successful this card game is, given how short a life it has lived. I am proud to present to you a wonderful card game. Made from scratch, and very much based on the hit card game Cards Against Humanity; This is Crap About Filipinos.

img_14231,200 cards of fun and pun. 

While yes, 95% of the cards were from the original Cards Against Filipinos deck, Crap About Filipinos is now liability-free!

ONE THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED CARDS. 2.5″ square. All-new font. All-new logo. All-new branding. Not to mention Mocha Uson and PNP Chief Bato are included!

SRP is PHP 2,000 + shipping (100 for Metro Manila, 180 for Provincial).


Photos under the cut~!

img_1419Initial batch of thirty (30) sets. 

img_1811Did I mention it’s now available in many major game cafés nationwide?

img_1763Yes. It’s THAT updated. I’m looking at you, Celdran!

img_1523100% playable with Cards Against Humanity! Amazing!


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