A New Beginning

I’ve had my computer since 2007 (that’s NINE years!), running Windows XP on an Intel Dual Core processor, an ancient AsRock LGA775 motherboard, and 3GB of DDR2 RAM. How ancient is it? Let’s just say the main HDD was 160GB. Yes. It’s amazing how long this lasted.

Today, I just completely upgraded my rig. Sure, it may just be an i3-4170, but this’ll do, for now. Motherboard has to be the best MSI LGA1150 available, so I got that, too. PSU? Gotta get an FSP Hyper, true rated at 700W. With a 1TB HDD (yes. complete upgrade, right?), and 8GB of RAM (gaming? photoshop? yes.), this will prove to serve me for quite a while before I would need to upgrade again.

p_20160907_202826Yeap. Totally blew my old rig out of commission. 


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