Dian Vera Serranilla: A Decade And Eight

Last night, I witnessed an event that will most definitely stick in my head for a while. Though we treat each other as cousins, Dian Serranilla is actually my mom’s cousin.

Yes. I am here to talk (though not much) about her night, and to share photos from that night.

Held last night, March 28, 2017, in SM MOA Arena, was the very first debut to be held in the 25,000-seater arena. A thousand guests, a dozen performances, and more than a handful of really, really tall stories to tell.

Let’s hear it.

Dian actually had TWO entrances. The first one, using what seems to be a brand-new Mercedes Benz. How they managed to get that into the arena, including all the permits needed to do so, I have no clue. It actually felt quite extravagant.

The main theme was the New York Fashion Week, so naturally, she had more than one outfit/gown. The family had around a dozen performances, all with different outfits, costumes, and gowns. And with all of them designed by the top Filipino designers Ezra Santos, Albert Andrada, and Michael Cinco, I believe that the reported P4.7M it cost the family to produce the stunning event was a massive understatement.

The entrance that stuck to everyone else’s memories was the truly majestic and angelic descent: From Gen Ad to VIP, real quick!

The Serranilla family is a BIG ONE. You’ve got the two parents (tito Steve and tita Edna), their eight children (Nian, Gian, Vian, Rian, Zian, Lian, Dian, and Kian), whom none of them are children any longer, and their four grandchildren (Nika, Kisses, Maki, and Pickles). Add in Nian’s husband Miko, and you’ve got FIFTEEN.

And mind you, all of them are stunningly good looking. Here are Vian, Zian, and Gian, with Rian and Lian behind them, in the background.

Dian is the last daughter to turn 18, which naturally means it must be the biggest, right?

What I’m trying to point out is that if you’ve got TWELVE people to raise, take care of, and send to school and university, I really wouldn’t be surprised if you’re also wealthy as fuck.

In any case, it was an awesomely wonderful evening, from the cocktails, to the entrances, to the performances, to the massive cake, to the after after party!

I really enjoyed, and I hope whoever reads this would also, likewise, enjoy the photos!


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