Crap About Filipinos

I cannot even begin to fathom how successful this card game is, given how short a life it has lived. I am proud to present to you a wonderful card game. Made from scratch, and very much based on the hit card game Cards Against Humanity; This is Crap About Filipinos.

img_14231,200 cards of fun and pun. 

While yes, 95% of the cards were from the original Cards Against Filipinos deck, Crap About Filipinos is now liability-free!

ONE THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED CARDS. 2.5″ square. All-new font. All-new logo. All-new branding. Not to mention Mocha Uson and PNP Chief Bato are included!

SRP is PHP 2,000 + shipping (100 for Metro Manila, 180 for Provincial).


Photos under the cut~!

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Launching Cards Against Filipinos

So I finally launched Cards Against Filipinos into the world, with eleven (11) initial sets. Ten are orders, whilst one was my personal. It looks beautiful.

img_0928Poring says hi. 

img_0927Eleven sets of glory. 

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UPDATE (2016-04-30)
We have a problem. I got sent a cease-and-desist letter by the legal team of none other than Cards Against Humanity themselves! Will be redoing everything, from card size, to fonts, to logos, THE WORKS!

UPDATE (2016-07-10)
I AM NO LONGER SELLING THIS. As of 10 July 2016, only Crap About Filipinos will be sold.

Cards Against Filipinos

Last Thursday (18 June), I came up with a very butthurt-inducing idea that pokes fun at Filipino culture, keywords, celebrities, news, current affairs, national issues, and of course, butthurt-inducing issues.

2015-06-19 11_49_49-WHITE CARD.psd @ 50% (The CBCP., RGB_8)Y’know, answering life’s most serious questions.

I decided to call the project “CARDS AGAINST FILIPINOS”. Loosely based on the very famous (and infamous) card game “Cards Against Humanity”, I recently launched a teaser set of two hundred (200) cards out, and within hours, it went viral!

I have also teamed up with Butthurt Philippines in asking for suggestions for new cards, because of course, it couldn’t all have been possible without people giving out their suggestions and contributions for a huge project such as this, right?

A word of caution, however. This game is for HORRIBLE people. So if you’re offended, then good. Take this “FUCK YOU”, shove it up your arse, and take it as my thanks. It means that I have accomplished the task of trolling and offending you, and that would only inspire me to make more cards. Hee hee.

Check back on this post for more details!

UPDATE (22 June 2015): featured me on their site!

UPDATE (23 June 2015): I have decided to make a SECOND SET! 240 black cards and 760 white cards more for a full 1,200-card set!

UPDATE (26 June 2015): Inquirer Lifestyle featured me on both their site, and on print!

More screenshots after the cut!

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