Airese: An afternoon in Megamall

So Airese told me she and her bros are going to this year’s Ozine Fest, which was held in SM Megamall.

Since she lives in the province, I rarely see her, if at all. So, naturally, I tagged along. And so far, Airese and I have shot during all but one time we’ve seen each other.

More photos after the cut~!

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Dian Vera Serranilla: A Decade And Eight

Last night, I witnessed an event that will most definitely stick in my head for a while. Though we treat each other as cousins, Dian Serranilla is actually my mom’s cousin.

Yes. I am here to talk (though not much) about her night, and to share photos from that night.

Held last night, March 28, 2017, in SM MOA Arena, was the very first debut to be held in the 25,000-seater arena. A thousand guests, a dozen performances, and more than a handful of really, really tall stories to tell.

Let’s hear it.

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My Annus Horribilis


As a photographer, I take pride in keeping backups of practically almost every single photo I’ve shot. Great moments. Good times. Unfortunately, tragedies and maladies, as well.

I occasionally scan my archives for excellent shots to remaster, to beautify. Likewise, unfortunately, I stumble upon moments and memories of my life I would most prefer be in remiss.

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Airese Singson: Sunshine

I still can’t believe Jen and I went to Lingayen once more. Of course, aside from the beach trips, stargazing, night drinking, and simply resting our asses off, no trip to Lingayen is complete without a photoshoot with my favourite cousin, Airese.

p1500513-45An all-new aesthetic for me. This feels so right. 

More photos under the cut!

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Christmas 2015

My family has started this little tradition two years ago with personalized gift tags.

FAMILYOnly because we now have Jasmine. Cutie patootie!

And so, this year, with not one, but TWO additions to the family, we decided to re-do it, all over again!

MartinJenYes, yes. I know. We’ll be much slimmer next year. I swear it! 

Now that the gift tags are done and over with, we’ll move on to the gifts! More photos after the cut!

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The Insta-Gift

For the longest time, I’ve had this pink Instax Mini 7 just lying around, not being used and all. I decided to give it to someone who’d appreciate it. I promised to give it a year ago, but it was only today when I was able to give it, albeit personally.

FrostPic1715See that smile on her face? Priceless.

So yes. This is Juno. She’s technically not my cousin, but we sure act as if we are! She’s actually my first cousin’s first cousin…ish? I think? But yeah.

Anyway, I gave her a tarot card reading and an Instax Mini 7 as a Christmas gift, because I’m such a good guy and all. lol.

12386644_1221886361156671_359548612_nAn INTP and an INFJ walked into the room…

Lingayen with Jen

I’ve always wanted to go back to Lingayen for the longest time. Since I last went there last year, I’ve longed and yearned to get on a bus and just bask in the sun on the beach, with just the sunshine on my face and the sound of waves crashing down on my feet and legs.

It brings me great joy to shoot wonderful people in wonderful places. The last time I shot there, I was with my cousin, Airese, and we shot from noon ’til the sun don’t shine no more.


So this year, Jen and I have decided to take our long-deserved vacation in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

From the first up to the fourth of April, we basked under the sun, meditated on the beach, charged our tarot decks and crystals in the sand, ate, drank, went merry-making, and basically just having the time of our lives.

404-lingayen09Yes. Majestic, indeed. 

404-lingayen10“One day Simba, All of this will be yours. Everything the light touches
is part of our kingdom.”
-Comment on Facebook, by Julya Buhain

That, and I shot with Airese again! Yay! The weather and overall conditions weren’t as cooperative as with last year’s, but I still managed to get a couple of good shots.

404-lingayen04 404-lingayen06 404-lingayen07

More after the cut~!

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