My Annus Horribilis


As a photographer, I take pride in keeping backups of practically almost every single photo I’ve shot. Great moments. Good times. Unfortunately, tragedies and maladies, as well.

I occasionally scan my archives for excellent shots to remaster, to beautify. Likewise, unfortunately, I stumble upon moments and memories of my life I would most prefer be in remiss.

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A New Beginning

I’ve had my computer since 2007 (that’s NINE years!), running Windows XP on an Intel Dual Core processor, an ancient AsRock LGA775 motherboard, and 3GB of DDR2 RAM. How ancient is it? Let’s just say the main HDD was 160GB. Yes. It’s amazing how long this lasted.

Today, I just completely upgraded my rig. Sure, it may just be an i3-4170, but this’ll do, for now. Motherboard has to be the best MSI LGA1150 available, so I got that, too. PSU? Gotta get an FSP Hyper, true rated at 700W. With a 1TB HDD (yes. complete upgrade, right?), and 8GB of RAM (gaming? photoshop? yes.), this will prove to serve me for quite a while before I would need to upgrade again.

p_20160907_202826Yeap. Totally blew my old rig out of commission. 

Crap About Filipinos

I cannot even begin to fathom how successful this card game is, given how short a life it has lived. I am proud to present to you a wonderful card game. Made from scratch, and very much based on the hit card game Cards Against Humanity; This is Crap About Filipinos.

img_14231,200 cards of fun and pun. 

While yes, 95% of the cards were from the original Cards Against Filipinos deck, Crap About Filipinos is now liability-free!

ONE THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED CARDS. 2.5″ square. All-new font. All-new logo. All-new branding. Not to mention Mocha Uson and PNP Chief Bato are included!

SRP is PHP 2,000 + shipping (100 for Metro Manila, 180 for Provincial).


Photos under the cut~!

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Legume Bonanza


Legume Bonanza
(serves 3-4)

– 2L water
– 150g lentils
– 150g split green peas
– 150g split yellow peas
– 150g cracked mung beans (mung dal)
– 100g corn grits
– 1 can button mushrooms
– 1 tbsp. sesame oil
– 2 tbsp. black sesame seeds (optional)
– 2 tbsp. white sesame seeds (optional)

1. Saute mushrooms (and sesame seeds, if desired) in a small to medium saucepot.
2. Add in all peas, mung beans, and lentils. Roast for 2 minutes.
3. Add in water. Stir until boiling. Simmer. Cover.
4. Serve when lentils and peas are of desired tenderness.

Playing with Veggie Meat

It’s hard living a vegetarian life (let alone a vegan life) in the Philippines. While yes, we have an amazingly massive crop yield, our cuisine is filled to the brim with non-vegetarian friendly meals and viands that make you wonder: Where the hell did the vegetables go?

It’s hard to come by meat alternatives, and if and when you do, they’re wildly expensive. I guess it comes to no surprise that vegetarian options and cuisine has gotten to a point wherein only the rich can afford to be vegetarian.

That’s when I found Textured Vegetable Protein. Comes in a number of various names and colloquialisms, but it’s more widely known as “Veggie Meat”.

img_1015SSAM is a local brand that imports from India. Convenient!

I found SSAM to be quite convenient at providing Jen and I with a suitable meat alternative. Not only is it affordable (PHP 350 for 1 kg uncooked; 3-4 kg when cooked), it’s also pretty tasty, and very much mimics the texture of meat. You could get it in Ananda Marga Yoga Center in Sikatuna Village, or in various eco/green shops.

With the advent of affordable veggie meat, I have decided to play a bit with traditional recipes.

Care to take a look? Click on the “Continue reading” link to check out the wonderful things I’ve made, so far.

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