Airese: An afternoon in Megamall

So Airese told me she and her bros are going to this year’s Ozine Fest, which was held in SM Megamall.

Since she lives in the province, I rarely see her, if at all. So, naturally, I tagged along. And so far, Airese and I have shot during all but one time we’ve seen each other.

More photos after the cut~!

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Airese Singson: Sunshine

I still can’t believe Jen and I went to Lingayen once more. Of course, aside from the beach trips, stargazing, night drinking, and simply resting our asses off, no trip to Lingayen is complete without a photoshoot with my favourite cousin, Airese.

p1500513-45An all-new aesthetic for me. This feels so right. 

More photos under the cut!

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Lingayen with Jen

I’ve always wanted to go back to Lingayen for the longest time. Since I last went there last year, I’ve longed and yearned to get on a bus and just bask in the sun on the beach, with just the sunshine on my face and the sound of waves crashing down on my feet and legs.

It brings me great joy to shoot wonderful people in wonderful places. The last time I shot there, I was with my cousin, Airese, and we shot from noon ’til the sun don’t shine no more.


So this year, Jen and I have decided to take our long-deserved vacation in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

From the first up to the fourth of April, we basked under the sun, meditated on the beach, charged our tarot decks and crystals in the sand, ate, drank, went merry-making, and basically just having the time of our lives.

404-lingayen09Yes. Majestic, indeed. 

404-lingayen10“One day Simba, All of this will be yours. Everything the light touches
is part of our kingdom.”
-Comment on Facebook, by Julya Buhain

That, and I shot with Airese again! Yay! The weather and overall conditions weren’t as cooperative as with last year’s, but I still managed to get a couple of good shots.

404-lingayen04 404-lingayen06 404-lingayen07

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Ozinefest 2014 with Airese

So the Singson kids took a painstakingly long trip from Lingayen to Manila just to attend Ozinefest 2014. Yes. That’s an 8-hour trip… one way.

And when they got here, the boys, being boys, naturally went on to the VIP room/s and then the maid cafe, leaving Airese, the youngest sibling and the only girl in the group, all alone.

So what to do, right? Simple, really. Call up your cousin who loves to shoot and ask him to accompany her whilst the boys go flirting with them maids and foreign cosplayers. I was more than happy to do so.


Yes. You could clearly see how bored she was.


So here was my setup for both days and nights I was with her. That was for both Saturday and Sunday. Yes. It was awesome.

More photos after the cut!

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A Night In Urduja House

Yes. This is a little bit too soon. I know. Airese and I planned yet another shoot! Night shoot! Impromptu, much? lol.

This time, we decided upon a number of places around Lingayen suitable to shoot at night in. We checked out the first prospect.


This is Sison Auditorium. While the photo does not do the place justice, I guess you can already tell with one shot that it is nothing short of grand.

It was huge, I tell you. I wager this place could seat five thousand easily, with chairs and tables, at that! A large chandelier, a grand theater-ish stage, complete with the appropriate curtains. It reminded me of Malacañang Palace and Manila Hotel, and that’s something already, considering this place isn’t located anywhere near Manila.

Unfortunately, I felt as if I couldn’t seem to find enough courage to shoot in such a place. No. Not worthy of this. Let’s go outside, shall we? Next on the list was where we eventually ended up.

Urduja House is a mansion in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Established even before the Spanish times, and named after the legendary princess believed to have lived in Pangasinan, this gated mansion now serves as the province’s Governor’s residence. Now THAT is history, right there!

This is where I first used multiple lights in an actual shoot. Two speedlights, two light stands, one with a diffuser, one with an umbrella. Sounds simple enough, right?

Due to security reasons, though. We were only permitted to shoot outside, on the tiled courtyard. Still inside the gates. Still counts, right?


Yes. The obligatory fixing-of-eyeglasses shot. Airese has yet to watch Free!, but I’m glad we were able to pull this off… sorta. WELP. OKAY, THEN! TIME FOR MORE PHOTOS!

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Beach Day With Airese

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Lingayen, Pangasinan, let alone the beach. Summer came a bit early for me, as my grandparents took me and my sister with them for a little trip to the north.

My grandparents planned this High School reunion in Lingayen. They’re from Pangasinan Provincial High School Batch ’57. And this year marks their 57th Anniversary. Cool, yes?

YES. MY SISTER AND I WENT TO THE BEACH. Of course, I wouldn’t go anywhere outside my comfort zone without someone who lives within the vicinity with us, right? That’s where my cousin, Airese Singson, comes in. We’ve been planning a beach photoshot ever since my grandparents told me of their reunion plans.


And of course, being the quirky photographer that I am, I simply could not refuse this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity. The results are just… Let’s just say I never expected to achieve such wonderfully-timed shots.


I say let the photos do the talking, yes? More photos after the cut.

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