Janna Rivo

Rare comes a time wherein I’d have to change my rhythm when it comes to shooting muses. Looks like I have much to learn, after all.

Meet Janna Rivo. She’s 16, and is Pam’s (my niece’s) classmate. Yes. I have a 16-year-old niece. I am old. Wow.

ANYWAY, she’s also from Parañaque, and so we decided to try out for an afternoon full of laughs, giggles, and lots and lots of shots.

We started out in the park. And, as always, there were plenty of places and/or angles I have not tried as of yet, so here we go!

After the park, when it got dark, we went back to the house, which was like, almost next to the park. I got out the not-so-very-portable studio flash set, and the results were just simply amazing.

More after the cut! Enjoy!

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Feeding The Office

Over the past couple weeks, I have grown fond of hearing Jen’s stories of work, whether it’s what she does, the fun she’s having working with her company, or even just the way they are all like one happy jolly family in the office, albeit a small one. There are only six of them, until today, when one of their co-workers, Joy, has just served her last day at work.

And so, being the guy everyone’s been talking about at work, due to the packed lunches I make for Jen from time to time, I decided to give them a treat, a JOYful one.

Today, I unveiled one of my newest recipes to them: “JOY”.

I blended raw garlic and onions to give that distinct spicy kick, then sauteed the blend with tomatoes and chopped basil leaves. And yes. IT IS VEGAN!

Photo163bBecause I can, that’s why. 

And alas, it was a hit! What feels awesome is that the person I named the recipe after seems to have loved it entirely, and even brought home half the sauce that was left over!

10155329_916283395069777_7569454211852985563_nAlso, hi guys. I have taken over this camera.
Sorry in advance for the hundred selfies. lels. 

Here’s to more nice vegan recipes, yes? Yes to healthy living! Yes to flavourful food! Yes to MY COOKING SKILLZZZZ! Yay~! :3

Vanessa: A Plea For Help

Hi. I rarely ask anyone of anything, but please do hear me out on this one. My good friend, Vanessa Lopa, was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and is in the ICU, in dire need of blood.

You may go to the National Kidney & Transplant Institute at East Avenue in Quezon City to donate. Please contact 981-0300 / 981-0400, local 1052 (blood donor) or local 1053 (blood bank) if you could, and please advise them that the donation is for patient Bianca Vanessa Lopa.

She needs six (6) bags a day of type B+ platelets, and if you or anyone you know could donate, that’d be wonderfully awesome.

Ainrand Uy: The Muse

Ainrand has pretty much been a mainstay in my friends list, portfolio, inbox, and more. Now, I have decided to elevate her to the position of Muse, as in my very own photography muse, that one model who will always have a place in my heart, and in my albums.

I’ve stayed up the entire night, and it’s around 7:30am-ish already, just to edit and remaster our shots from not one, not two, but three very memorable sets we did in preparation for her debut.

And now, featuring, without further ado: Ainrand Uy.



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Ainrand Uy: The Rock Concert Debut

The 12th of July was an awesome day. I met new friends, listened to great music, dressed to the nines, ate and drank to my heart’s content, and most importantly, celebrated the 18th birthday of one of my most treasured friends, Ainrand.



Isn’t she just stunning?


More photos after the cut~!

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